Live fast. die young.

I'm going to atempt to back tract everything I did. hmm.
Friday-I don't really remember. I just remember being really fucking bored.
Saturday- Yai drove Karen, Lauren, and I to the mall which was so packed with people. Then we got back then went to Ryans birthday party thing. Stoped by Jims to stay happy birthday to him. um. Then Karen and I went to Jills. I don't really remember much of that night. All I remember was drinking this really strong wine that made your mouth numb when you drank enough of it. Then I drank like 4 glasses of Apple juice and vodka. Then I was watching Karen go on the computer and I was drinking a little bit of Jack daniels. Then some how I passed out on the floor of the computer room Jill told me because she woke up like 4 in the morning wondering where I was. lol. I don't really remember falling asleep on the floor but I did wake up in the living room with no pillow. I remember little parts of the night like karen and I going upstairs in the bathroom to smoke the joint we rolled earlier that night. huh..
Well well.
I'm tired and sick & I hate christmas. But have a good one to all those people who matter to me. <333
I got a letter from my mom the other day saying that Ross wrecked his car, ha fucker. lol. How did I know that was going to happen? Haha. Yeah, my mom got moved up near New york and It would be cool to go see her.
Well I better go to sleep now, I felt like i was going to pass out during the chorus concert.
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Drugs are bad, mmkay.

Yeah today was pretty bad.
I took 2 of Gabby's pills and I overheated in 8th period and I ran to the bathroom and I black out on the floor. Ms. Vai asked me if I was okay because my face so pale and I had purple bags under my eyes. Someone was in the bathroom and it was kind of weird because I was laying on the floor but they left which is good...I wonder who it was. haha. I kind of jumped to the sink for a drink of water and i felt a little better.
Thanksgiving was uncle was wasted the whole time and never shut up about how good the pie was. I was eating and he took some off my plate. It was funny...I was buzzed off wine and my grandmother never stopped talking about sex. *sigh*
I stayed at my grandmothers for the weekend and hung out with bobby. I got the Sims Urbz and I can't stop playing it...I'm addicted to it.
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Monday, I went to the Dead Milkmen concert and it was awesome. :) I took a bunch of pictures but I'm at my aunts so I can't post them now. I have been too lazy to update.
Dave Blood- R.I.P.
God, thanksgiving blows...but Happy Thanksgiving anyway. >_<;;
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