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Psycho Bitch.

Tonight was the October fest which was held at Collingswood High school. I believe I said in one of my last entries that people like to blame me for their problems.
Well Fuck you all. Just because my sister wont have sex with you doesn’t mean you have to start shit with me. WHORE. You are so lucky that I like Herr Fischer or else I would have hit you. I really don’t feel like getting suspended from school/German trips. You had no right to come up to me and my friend and dig your fake nails into our shoulders and start shit with me. Oh Alicia was ignoring you, I happen to remember Alicia trying to give you a hug and you pushing her away. Thanks for making Alicia cry... So you run away and start getting kids to pity you. Next time you get in face you wont have such a pretty face anymore. For the record I wasn’t trying to convince my sister into breaking up with you. Alicia has been trying to…please go fuck your self because you don’t deserve someone like my sister as your girlfriend.
Alicia is scared to break up with you, I wonder why. I hate people that have to be the center of attention. I’m not trying to get my sister to break up with you but that sure would be nice.
I don’t understand why you have to be such a psycho bitch about everything. People do like space to breath you know. Fucking anorexic bitch…
Thanks Trisha for ruining everyone night. GOOD JOB!
My life was already driving me insane then I get involved in other peoples relationships some how. Alicia is my sister and its my job to look after her and you have no right what so ever to ever come up saying your going to hit me. Right…I really want to see who wins that brawl. Hmmm….Anorexic bitch vs. me? Yeah I thought so.
There was this hot guy with pink hair...

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