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Life is one big acid trip.

This weekend has been pretty fucked up.
I had to watch my brother Thursday, Friday, Saturday...then thank god he left on Saturday.
I was about to have a mental breakdown.
My sisters dating Rob again so he’s over a lot now.
I just sit there and some how amuse myself by making fun of them.

Do you know that awkward feeling you get when you haven't seen someone in a long time? That was today...
Ross came and picked up in his fancy sports car and took us to see my mom. Fuck. I just remembered I have to write her a letter. Anyway. We talked for a bit about gangs, smoking banana peels and coffee grains? Yeah, pretty much. It was such a weird feeling picking up a phone and talking to someone through glass. The metal detector kept going off when I went through it but no one seemed to care. :/ Another person I haven’t seen in a long time is Joe. He and Zak showed up at my house an hour or so ago. Why do people anyways do that kind of shit to me? Who knows… I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, I like seeing people I haven’t seen in a while but things change so quickly.
I'm going to go take something that will calm me down because I know I have no where to go.
Thee end.

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