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Hmm weekend?

Wensday-I really don't remember what i did..
Thursday-I hung out with Jim & Phil/got high. Went to Kevins and then to Zanders and sat there and watched them play Halo 2. Then went out side in the freezing cold to sit with jim in the leaves...Yeah.
Friday-Went to Halo 2 night and it was raining and i was miserable & cold.
Saturday-Went to Marys birthday party thing at Robs. Ate a bunch of junk food...fucked with childrens heads. yeap. Went to Karens with marleen and walked back to Marleens and sat there. Found out about Robs Great grandmother and how she was murdered. Bleh.
Sunday-I went to Mays landing to see my mom in jail and she was upset because of Ross saying shit to her about what she has to do IF she gets out on Friday. Then we took a ride to philly walked around a bit with Ross and his daughter.
This Friday I'm going to court to see how that goes...and I get to miss school which is good. This weekend I'm supossed to Sleep over Gabby's with Heather & Karen. Gabby has this neat spot we can smoke at. Anyway. I'm really tired, my brother woke me up at 3 o'clock in the morning crying because his dad forgot about him. *sigh*
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