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Drugs are bad, mmkay.

Yeah today was pretty bad.
I took 2 of Gabby's pills and I overheated in 8th period and I ran to the bathroom and I black out on the floor. Ms. Vai asked me if I was okay because my face so pale and I had purple bags under my eyes. Someone was in the bathroom and it was kind of weird because I was laying on the floor but they left which is good...I wonder who it was. haha. I kind of jumped to the sink for a drink of water and i felt a little better.
Thanksgiving was uncle was wasted the whole time and never shut up about how good the pie was. I was eating and he took some off my plate. It was funny...I was buzzed off wine and my grandmother never stopped talking about sex. *sigh*
I stayed at my grandmothers for the weekend and hung out with bobby. I got the Sims Urbz and I can't stop playing it...I'm addicted to it.
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